The following excerpt from an unsolicited letter of recommendation presents an unbiased picture from a client with 38 years of experience managing major construction projects: 

  • "From the onset the process became one of pleasure and predictable results. From the initial discussion phase, through the actual design layouts and proceeding into cost determination and scheduling, there was never a time that my needs and questions went unanswered. When the actual on-site work began, staff efforts were timely, polite and extremely professional. Consistent work flow, quality of equipment used to prepare the site, availability of relevant materials, and work site clean up were all accomplished in a acceptable manner. For these reasons I highly recommend a thorough consideration of A-1 Landscape Design, Inc. in the capacity of: design, layout, construction, planting, irrigation, lighting, follow through and post construction support".

         -G.W. Dodd

Quotes from other clients:

  • "Each and every day and evening we look out at our landscape and marvel at the transformation! Thank you for the great design work and implementation. We appreciate all your hard work and efforts. We love the walls, lighting, plantings and the opportunity to work with all of you. We look forward to working on future landscape projects with you. You are the best!"

  • "Sydelle and Luke, Thank you so much for the amazing front yard! We couldn't be happier - even better than we had expected! It was such a pleasure to work with all of you. Your expertise and professionalism is so appreciated. We look forward to our next project! Thanks so much."

          -G. Simmons

  • "Jodi, Thank you so much for the excellent job you did with the garden. You brought zest to my life and landscape."

           - K. Davis, Edgemore client

  • "What impressed me the most about this firm is a trait all together often missing in today's world, a complete and constantly demonstrated.......work ethic."

         -P.N.W., Whatcom Co. client